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Kiwi Paint Solutions Polish & Detail Kit Refinish Mate ClearCoat & Activator
Included in Kit:
Step 1- Kiwi Paint Solutions Cutting Cream
A very aggressive water based compound that is designed to remove scratches as coarse as 1000 grit from new and aged paint. Kiwi Paint Solutions Cutting Cream buffs to high shine with no waxes or silicone. With it's water based formula, this cutting cream will not stain, and cleans up easily with water even on rubber surfaces.
Step 2- Kiwi Paint Solutions Polish
A cleaner-polish that removes minor scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. When used according to directions, it will produce a high gloss, swirl free finish that won't wash away.
Step 3-Kiwi Paint Solutions Swirl Remover
Used as a glazing step to remove minor buffing swirls, micro-surface imperfections, and oxidation. Designed to be a last step in the buffing process. Leaves a durable, swirl-free mirror finish.
Step 4-Hand Glaze
Get that wet showroom look with this new addition to the Kiwi compound lineup!

Refinish Mate Final Detail
Kiwi Paint Solutions Instant Detailer. This ready to use formula is made with a polymer blend, body shop safe, & adds a wet look. This exclusive "Wet Look" formula will safely remove dust, fingerprints, and water spots on all automotive surfaces without streaking. Kiwi Detail is an advanced polymer formula and contains no wax or free silicone. Body Shop safe even on fresh paint.
Included in Kit:
-1 Gallon Refinish Mate Clearcoat 3100
Acrylic Urethane Universal Clearcoat: This 4.2 VOC universal clearcoat provides excellent flow, leveling, rich gloss, good durability, and chemical resistance, acrylic urethane clear offers excellent UV protection and has great next day buffability.
-1 Quart Refinish Mate Activator 3150 (Medium)
Our range of hardeners has been specifically designed to suit all conditions, using most Refinish Mate product. MS and normal hardeners are available. The range features the following hardener speeds: Ultra Fast, Fast, Medium and Slow for all possible applications.
-Mix Ratio 4:1