Auto Body Supplies in Springdale, AR




Auto Body Supplies in Springdale, AR

Springdale's Paint Supply Experts -- Kiwi Paint Solutions

Everything Your Shop Needs

Although many shops provide state-of-the-art services, it can all go to waste if you aren’t using quality resources to perform them. Only the best must go into your customer’s vehicles, and Kiwi Paint Solutions can ensure your shop and staff have the best in hand. Located in Springdale, Arkansas, our product professionals ensure that your shop is fully stocked with the finest auto paint tools, components, and products in the industry. We have a full inventory for you to look through, and we offer multiple methods to ship purchases to your door. Whether you stop by our facility or order online, we know that you’ll love the quality of our products and the outcome of your services when using them.



How Our Inventory Helps You

At Kiwi, we take pride in the quality products that we offer our customers. Whether you're a shop owner looking to re-stock or a car enthusiast in need of some specific tools, we have everything available for whatever your needs may be. But there are a lot of other benefits that come when you look through our inventory. Here are some benefits that you can expect when working through Kiwi Paint Solutions:

First Access

As BASF ColorSource Distributors, we have access to some of the top, state-of-the-art products that come out of the industry. From exclusive LIMCO Value Line products to the newest market releases, we'll have everything available for you. You'll be introduced to these products risk-free, have access to discount programs, and can purchase these products well before anyone else does.


Restock Your Shop

If your shop is running low on the supplies, make sure you visit Kiwi Paint Solutions, the trusted paint supply experts in Springdale, Arkansas. Our product professionals take the time to ensure your shop gets precisely what it needs. Whether it's new parts for a paint gun or a full order of refinishing products, we have everything you need to ensure all your services are performed with quality and precision in mind. Reach out to our shop by giving us a call at or visit us on 2729 E. Robinson Avenue. Our product professionals are ready and waiting to help you. Feel free to browse our online store as well, as our full inventory is available for purchase and shipping right to your shop.




Visit Our Facility

Reach out to our facility and give us a call at 479-879-5837 to see how we can help you. Feel free to visit us on 2729 E. Robinson Avenue if you’d like to stop by our facility. We’re always ready to help meet your paint service needs.


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